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31:30 Boutique

About Us

We are a children’s and women's fashion boutique selling designer clothing and accessories. We love babies and our mission is to provide adorable children’s clothing, while helping less fortunate babies in need!
Who We are Blessing:
For every purchase, a newborn delivered at the Naivasha Women's Center in Africa will receive a bulb syringe (aspirator) , cloth diaper, or an item in need. The bulb syringes are used immediately on a newborn at birth in the U.S., to help suction mucous and amniotic fluid from the babies’ lungs. Currently, these bulb syringes are not available for each newborn’s birth in Naivasha, Africa. Bubblegum Boutique’s goal is to help ensure that each newborn delivered in the Naivasha Women's Hospital will have a bulb syringe to help improve their first few breaths in this world! We would love to provide enough bulb syringes for each mother to take home to use after delivery. Every item you purchase is helping us reach that goal!
Why We are Blessing the Naivasha Women’s Center:
Creator of Bubblegum Boutique, Erin Scoggins, BSN, RN, is a former Labor and Delivery nurse with a passion for fashion and helping bring babies into the world! In February 2013, she visited a Naivasha, Africa with a team of physicians and nurses. While working in the maternity ward she fell in love with the babies of Africa. The Naivasha Maternity Center is in desperate need of many items to help safely bring these newborns in the world. Currently, the Friends of Naivasha, a group from Omaha, Nebraska has raised funds to build a new women’s facility, to help improve current conditions that exist for new mothers and infants.Learn more about the Naivasha Women's Hospital Project by Clicking Here