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Gemstone Designs Jewelers

At Gemstone Designs, besides our excellent selection of beautiful bridal jewelry, we excel in jewelry design and manufacture.  One visit to our gallery and you willdiscover that we are extremely proficient in the art of jewelry design.  There are over 500 examples of our work, covering every style from modern to vintage, large and small,from Etruscan to Victorian, Art Deco to Art Nuveau.  We explore all finishes from bright to matte. We dazzle you with the finest hand engraving, usually only available in placeslike New York and Los Angeles. This is because Tim Frank has studied under the finest engraving masters from the United States and Europe.

Our techniques are a wonderful blend of all ages of jewelry manufacturing.  Some of our techniques go back to ancient Egyptian times, while a lot of the process is as modern as is available today.  It is the modern touch, with the use of CAD/CAM, that takes so much of the angst out of the custom design process.  Used to be, a jeweler would give you a pretty rough sketch of a design he has in his mind, try to communicate that image he or she has in their mind, and tell you, 'trust me, you're going to love it!'.  Designing on the computer is the epitome of WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).  We can render a photograph of your design, before it exists, from any angle, in any color or colors, with any stone or stones you may be interested in.

Now, for the infamous 'WOW!' factor.  There is nothing more special and heart warming than when someone takes the time and gets involved with the design process to truly 'personalize' that piece they're wanting to make for that perfect someone.  Maybe there's a special symbol that means something to you two, like an infinity symbol or a certain style heart.  We've even put dog bones and snowflakes in the design.  With our custom design, this is quite often possible, and quite frankly, we have almost a childlike love of doing this for our clients.  Special wording in deep relief or raised lettering is also possible in many styles.

So, bring in your vision for that one-of-a-kind engagement ring or fashion ring or pendant, etc.  Or simply bring in those pieces you never wear any more but you're tired of not at least enjoying the perfectly good diamonds or gemstones that are in them.  Together, we can come up with something that will, when she opens that Gemstone Designs box, make her tear up and say, 'WOW!'