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Sweet Retreat


Sweet Retreat is an Ice Cream Store serving Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. This concept was created on the streets of Thailand, serving fresh, made-to-order ice cream. Inspired by this ice cream art and by the way bartenders artfully craft cocktails made to order, we blend the two approaches to create an experience for ice cream aficionados with an eclectic palette. We roll each individual ice cream order with the freshest ingredients right in front of your eyes, meaning no preservatives or stabilizers are added. It’s ice cream in its rawest form -- fresh off the plate.

We invite you to experience ice cream like no others. Nothing tastes better than fresh homemade ice cream that comes right out of the ice cream maker. At Sweet Retreat, we strive to achieve the same feeling with each customer, turning liquid cream to ice cream in under two minutes. Using an advanced cold plate that reaches temperatures well below -10°F, the ice cream produces smaller ice molecules to make it naturally smoother and creamier, eliminating the need to add in additional fat and emulsifiers to create the same rich, creamy texture we love in ice cream.

Sweet Retreat also a tea shop serving Bubble tea, flavor tea, and slush. All of our teas are brewed fresh right here in our store.  We creating a more healthful alternative to the original beverage without compromising the distinct taste and experience of traditional bubble tea.

 While providing you with delicious ice cream and tea, we hope to create a cute, comfortable and  unforgettable atmosphere, for you and your lover, family, friends or whoever you care about. It is definitely a great place to be together.