GNC Nutrition

GNC LiveWell is the world's largest retailer specializing in vitamins, herbs, weight management and sports nutrition. Established in Pittsburgh, USA by David Shakarian in 1935, GNC now has over 8000 stores in 49 countries.

All our stores carry an extensive range of high-quality GNC brand products, which are subjected to up to 150 manufacturing quality and safety checks. GNC has over 200 research scientists in laboratories across four continents, who work on developing the innovative GNC health products you can trust. GNC also carries other popular and quality brands from over 100 health companies.

At GNC, your health is important to us, we employ qualified naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians and sports specialists who are available for free personalized health advice.

The GNC Gold Card is your membership to the healthiest club in the world. You will receive 20% off all GNC products, 10% off all other brands, birthday discounts and exclusive monthly specials. Ask in store for details.

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