Hallmark Gold Crown Store

Hallmark is the world’s best-known greeting card brand. Our Keepsake Ornaments hang on countless Christmas trees. We create gifts and packages you can’t wait to unwrap.

Our Recordable Storybooks share a voice across the miles. Our Hallmark Gold Crown® stores appear in neighborhoods across the country. Our TV programs from Hallmark Hall of Fame and Hallmark Channel (as well as our commercials) make you laugh and cry.

But that’s just half the story of Hallmark – because it’s not just about us.

It’s about you – who you are, who you love, who you laugh and cry with, your relationships.

The real power of Hallmark’s brand lies with people, all around the world. Because what we create only matters when it is shared with someone else.

Our brand is a promise to the consumer – our pledge to provide the very best, now and in the future.

Hallmark is no stranger to change. We’ve seen plenty of it in our first century. And the second century promises more… even faster, more far-reaching.

Our brand will continue to flourish because Hallmark is about what endures – that human need to connect emotionally with others. And that’s what makes a genuine difference.