Tennessee State Bank

The Directors, Officers, and Staff of Tennessee State Bank are jointly committed to meeting the needs and requirements of the customers and communities served. The bank recognizes that the service rendered is only as good as the customer perceives; therefore, the bank's mission statement is directed toward these objectives.

ENHANCE and maintain the bank's public image as a sound, high quality, friendly place to conduct banking business;

MAINTAIN a strong, reliable reputation and a high level of public confidence;

BELIEVE our customers are our most valuable assets;

PROVIDE the highest level of customer service and serve all customers fairly;

FULFILL our responsibilities to the communities we serve by contributing human resources and leadership to help our communities;

MAINTAIN the respect of the communities we serve by being vitally interested in their cultural and economic development;

PROMOTE prosperity in our area by encouraging and assisting new and existing businesses;

PROVIDE a broad range of financial services that are structured to meet our customers' requirements; and

REGARD banking as a trust to be handled with honor, integrity, and prudence.